Paws Promise & Co. is unique way to celebrate the special bond between a dog parent and fur baby.


The relationship a dog parent has with his/her dog is undeniably the most loving, nurturing, and comforting love that exists. Paws Promise & Co. believes it is an unspoken promise of unconditional love that feeds the souls of humans and canines alike.


Through a proprietary line of jewelry called LOVE TAGS, Paws Promise & Co. offers dog parents a way to honor the bond and love they share with their dog(s).  This is the most unique dog themed gift you can buy for yourself or for someone else.

Each sterling silver LOVE TAG embodies the essence of artisanal craftsmanship, hand stamped and hand cast.  Wearing a LOVE TAG feels great and looks great, too.  With simple yest timeless design, a LOVE TAG takes dog jewelry for humans to a whole new level.  It's an accessory you will want to wear every day to commemorate the unspoken promise of unconditional love.

Paws Promise & Co. offers different LOVE TAGS that can be personalized with the addition of a smaller pendant hand stamped with the special dog's initial.  You can also add a heart or paw print pendant.  Combined as a set, the the statement is clear.  Go to our SHOP page now to see the beautiful, classic, timeless pieces you'll want to be soon wearing.


In addition to the creative expression of dog love we offer in our artisanal LOVE TAGS, Paws Promise & Co. is committed to helping dogs in shelters find forever homes. Through our blog, social media, and other outlets, we'll share stories of dogs at Austin's Hard Luck Hounds and Austin Pets Alive who need homes.  More than that, Paws Promise & Co. will also donate toys, beds, treats, and loving volunteer time to the dogs until they find their forever humans.